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Damaged Other Slaviansk
Damaged Other Luhansk
Damaged Other Luhansk
Partly destroyed Other Donetsk
Hostel Damaged Other Donetsk
37a Pavla Popovicha St.
Hostel Damaged Other Donetsk
37б Pavla Popovicha St.
Dormitory of university of management Damaged Other Donetsk
5a Tekstilshchikov St.
Holy Convent of Iviron Partly destroyed Other Donetsk
153 Stratonavtov St.
Donetsk Botanical Garden Damaged Other Donetsk
110 Ilycha Ave.
Novoignatievskoye cemetery Partly destroyed Other Donetsk
151 б Stratonavtov St.
Post Communication Centre No.10 Damaged Other Мarinka
24 Voroshilova St.
Saint Resurrection Church Damaged Other Donetsk
1 Shakhterskaya St.
"Dolphin" Sporting Complex Partly destroyed Other Donetsk
2 Marshala Zhukova St.
Hostel of Donetsk Pedagogical College Damaged Other Donetsk
41 Shevchenko Blvd.
Church of Three Sanctifiers Damaged Other Donetsk
9 Somova St.
St.Nicholas Church Damaged Other Avdiivka
66 Geroev St.
Post Office No.5 of Popasnaia town Damaged Other Popasna
3/1 Donetskaya St.
Annunciation Church Damaged Other Donetsk
1/2 Slavina St.
Church of Evangelical Baptist Christians Damaged Other Donetsk
160a Artema St.
Epiphany Cathedral Partly destroyed Other Horlivka
Cathedral Square
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