Launch of Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2017 Announced

Launch of Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2017 Announced

The Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine and a number of humanitarian organisations have announced the launch of the Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2017, the ministry’s press service reports.

The humanitarian plan covers people living both in the government-controlled and uncontrolled areas. Particularly, international humanitarian missions will implement measures aimed at saving people’s lives, including provision of food and articles of prime necessity, as well as medical and psychological services, provision of accommodations, warm clothes and basic education.

The government does not only plan to finance certain restoration or development projects, but also to provide humanitarian aid to citizens where they will need it.

According to the plan, humanitarian operations for an amount of USD 127 million are recognised as being of critical importance. Totally, the plan provides for the request for the donor’s funds in an amount of USD 214 million. The funds are planned to be channelled to solving most urgent problems of over 2.6 million people falling into the most vulnerable categories.

According to humanitarian assessments, the number of people who need help has increased by 700 thousand compared with the Humanitarian Response Plan 2016. And during over 30 months of the conflict, the people have exhausted their savings and the ability to overcome difficulties.

The Ukraine Humanitarian Response Plan 2017 provides 94 projects offered by 45 organisations, including 35 national and international non-governmental organisations and 10 UN agencies. The plan requires over USD 42 million to finance security projects, USD 33.8 million for projects in the sphere of accommodation and non-food aid, and USD 26 million to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitary services.

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